How we do it?

Our bilingual (English/Spanish) services are tailored to your company’s B2C business covered through inbound calls/emails/chats. 

Our core services are:

  • Product Support
  • Sale Support
  • Billing/Payment Support
  • Product Returns/Refunds

As added value services and priced separately, we can provide:

  • PayPal Disputes
  • Fraud Detection
  • Amazon and eBay customer inquiries
  • Feedback / Product Reviews
  • Chargeback

Hours of coverage

We will provide active services between 9:00 AM East Coast Time and 9:00 PM Pacific Time. If needed the extended hours of service are possible.

We would ensure that all emails received outside those hours would be answered before 9:00 AM Pacific Time. Emails during the rest of the working day will be answered within 2 hours. 

Learning your business

We will use your knowledge base and historical customer inquiries (if available) to understand your business and brand. We will provide a document showing our current understanding of your policies. We will continue to update this document as other issues are brought up by customers and as we learn how you would like them handled. Optimally we will agree on a format for this document that can be shared between us.

Contact with your company

We can provide the optimum customer service if all of your designated personnel will cooperate with Steady Customer Care agents to ensure our agents have adequate access to your systems and information. 

Timely and accurate information regarding your products, marketing, and sales campaigns as well as any changes in your fulfillment and return policies, will secure the best customer service.


Our On-Boarding specialists will lead your team through seamless integration.

CRM System

You may continue to use your CRM system or if needed we can suggest one for your company.

Phone System

It should be possible to continue to use your existing toll-free number on your website, depending on the service you are using for that number.


We will give you technical support if requested so that the Chat service requests are routed to us.

Reporting and Pricing

We would set up a regularly scheduled conference call, optimally every week but could be every two weeks at your request, where we would review the statistics that can be provided from the phone, email, and chat systems.

Our pricing is custom tailored to your company’s size and needs. Whether you have an in-house CS support or an Outsourced one, we are confident that we can provide you with an excellent service for less than you pay now.